Saturday, 28 May 2011

Choose local fruit and veg while saving money! The Farmers Market in Ta' Qali

It's an experience to visit the market on Saturday morning. Lots of people surround the tents to have a closer look at the fresh fruit and vegetables nicely displayed. Peas were the item of the day while peaches are starting to ripen. The variety of products one can find is amazing and the quality is super. I noticed that the products last longer in the fridge, meaning they are really fresh. Farmers feel proud when people visit their stand week after week. 

Buying stuff from the Farmers Market in Ta' Qali is a guarantee that the product is strictly local. There is no chance you'll find pineapples or bananas as they don't grow in Malta. 

It's not just veggies. One can also buy local poultry, pig meat and fish. 

Here are a useful link; Tal-Malti Poultry Products