Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Hampers... Do you just want to impress?

When you're choosing a gift for a corporate partner or a special friend, would you just be interested in getting the task off your to-do list? Or would you much rather look good AND feel good at the same time? If yes, read on… 

It all started exactly 5 years ago, when Jeanette (my wife and now also partner in business… quite brave isn't it?) and I were waiting to obtain all our permits and licenses in order to start offering innovative eco and agri tours! 

We were in for a couple of surprises and a very long wait, so to make ends meet, we came up with the idea of Eco-Hampers. We were venturing into ecotourism, so it seemed only natural to think 'eco', and Christmas-time was fast approaching - so these little (and not so little) gifts in rustic upcycled boxes were born. 

some of the very first jars prepared as 
souvenirs for the official launch of Merill
Looking back at our first campaign in November 2010, I can proudly say that we've come quite a long way; not only did we keep our core values at the centre of our business model, but today we consolidated the venture into a unique Rural Network which greatly values the products of hard-working Maltese and Gozitan farmers, artisans and their families.

Our products are not industrial. Far from it. There may be times when they are very limited or not available at all; and they are definitely not the cheapest around. However we make sure that they are the best products that our little sunny islands are able to offer, and that the members within the network get more than a fair share for their toils. 

On each and every label of our products, we list the name of the farmer or artisan producing the item, together with the location from where it originates, so that we make it easier for our customers to ask for specific products.

If you would like to get to know more about the network and our Eco-Hampers please click on this link http://bit.ly/1zYqJxG, and should you want to take it a step further, visit us at our Merill Speciality Store in Qormi,  and we'll be able to treat you to a cup of traditional coffee. Here's a map which shows you how to find us http://bit.ly/1vRaDVz!

All the very best

Christian & Jeanette

Press coverage for Merill's launch January 2011

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