Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Merill Speciality Store - Local delicacies and much more - COMING SOON

Hey Merill fans,

It's finally cooling off here in the Maltese Islands. We still have lots of sunny days to enjoy before it gets cold (in Malta, cooler weather ranges from an average of 20 degrees Celsius during the day and 12 degrees Celsius at night). 

At Merill Eco Tours we're looking forward to Autumn. It is a great time for us, organising agri-tourism experiences and lots of delicacy tasting sessions. Olive oil, local cheese (known as gbejna) and wine tasting remain as favourites. 

We're also preparing for the festive season...Yep...Christmas is round the corner. This is the fourth year we're holding an Eco Hamper Campaign and it's getting bigger and better. A speciality store will soon open its doors to food and healthy lifestyle lovers who wish to taste and lay their hands on the most genuine and tasty local products. It will be located in the village of Hal-Qormi, the bread making village of Malta. Hal-Qormi is only 10 minutes away from the Historical City of Valletta and 20 minutes away from Mdina, the fortified city. 

Lots of Maltese products will be found under one roof. Hand made gifts, culinary delicacies and organically produced food will be available. Tasting and information sessions will be held regularly and also upon request. Village walking tours in Hal-Qormi for groups and individual travellers will be available. 

For more information contact us on or find us on our "Merill Local Products" Facebook fan page.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Extra Virgin Olive oil produced by Maltese Farmers

Extra Virgin olive oil has always been considered to be delicacy in the Mediterranean diet. These mini-bottles contain extra virgin olive oil produced in Malta. They contain 100ml of liquid and are ideal as gifts and souvenirs.

- Carefully selected from the best Maltese farmers
- Produced from sustainable farms in Malta
- Olives are mechanically pressed using no heat
- No preservatives have been added to increase shelf life. 
- Contribute towards the greening of the landscape 
- Health benefits of olive oil have been proven scientifically
- Ideal for Vegans
- Excellent as a condiment ingredient for raw salads and snacks
- Tailor made Eco Hampers available
- Tastings available upon request
- The "Olive Grove Experience" available for groups at our exclusive rural venues

For more information drop is a line on or call us on 00356 21411388.