Saturday, 13 February 2016

Oranges and Lemons: What to do when you have too many!

Yesterday Simone, a friend of mine, asked me what can she do with a crate full of oranges. Good question, so I decided to dig further! 

December and January are the months when we're blessed with bountiful citrus fruits, mainly oranges, lemons and tangerines. I also spotted huge grapefruits at the Farmer's Market in Ta' Qali. Apart from this market, fruit and veg mongers roaming around the streets would also offer a range of locally grown produce...always ask for local :)

To answer my friend's question I resorted to my social media platform of choice, Pinterest, for inspiration. 

So here are some interesting blogs that can help you process your favourite citrus fruit in a multitude of ways!

Orange Muffins

Lemon Cake (I tried's divine)

Candied Peel

Orange Blondies

Cranberry Orange Smoothy

Citrus Syrups

Enjoy the recipes!


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